National Energy Administration: the pace of clean and low-carbon transformation of the power system will be further accelerated


        On April 24, entrusted by the national energy administration, China Power Planning and Design Institute held a national coal power "three reform linkage" typical case and technology promotion conference at the main venue and live broadcast platform in Beijing. Yu Bing, deputy director of the national energy administration, said at the promotion meeting that China's coal based resource endowment determines that coal power will continue to play an important role in ensuring China's energy and power security for a considerable period of time.




Yu Bing pointed out that on the one hand, coal-fired power has played the role of "pillar" and "ballast stone" to ensure the safe and stable supply of electricity; On the other hand, with the proposal of China's carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the pace of clean and low-carbon transformation of the power system will be further accelerated, the proportion of coal-fired power installed capacity and power generation will continue to decrease, and the flexible adjustment ability and clean and efficient level will continue to improve. At present, the power demand will still increase rigidly, the difficulty of power planning and layout will increase, the construction of new power systems and the changes in the international situation will all bring new challenges to the power industry.

Yu Bing stressed that it is necessary to attach great importance to, implement policies according to categories, strengthen guidance, and fully implement the transformation tasks in 2022 and the 14th five year plan. With the joint efforts of the whole industry, it is certain to complete the work of "three reforms and linkage" and submit a satisfactory answer to the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Du Zhongming, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the Power Planning Institute, said that under the current situation, coal-fired power is not only the pillar but also the ballast stone, and will play a fundamental guarantee role in China's power industry for a long time. "As a national science and technology-based enterprise, PowerChina has always attached great importance to technological innovation in recent years. In terms of coal-fired power three transformation linkage technology, we have invested efforts in research, analyzed in depth the difficulties of the three transformations, and studied and judged the feasibility, economy, implementation effect and application prospect of various technical routes."

During the promotion meeting, power plants affiliated to power generation groups such as Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, state power investment, national energy, China Resources, and Beijing energy introduced typical cases of energy-saving transformation, heat supply transformation, and flexibility transformation of coal-fired power units, and shared the technical scheme, implementation, operation effect, and transformation cost of the "three transformation linkage" transformation of coal-fired power units; Shenneng power science and technology, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, Harbin Electric, Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric and other domestic scientific research institutes, design institutes, and main engine factories introduced the advanced technology of "three reforms and linkage", analyzed the constraints existing in the main engine, main auxiliary machinery, system design, operation control and other aspects of coal-fired power units, and the technical problems that need to be solved, And put forward the corresponding solutions and expected results; In addition, ICBC also introduced and publicized the financial support policy of "three reforms and linkage".

Huang Xuenong, regulatory director of the national energy administration, pointed out in the summary of the meeting that the meeting was very timely and necessary, and a number of mature typical cases and advanced technologies were widely promoted in the whole industry. He hoped that everyone would take this meeting as an opportunity to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, further deepen understanding, pool consensus, and do a good job in the "three reforms and linkage" work step by step from the perspective of their respective responsibilities and work in accordance with the objectives set out in the national plan for the renovation and upgrading of coal-fired power units.


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