Low-voltage complete set Blokset low-voltage complete switchgear

Low-voltage complete set Blokset low-voltage complete switchgear


Low-voltage complete set Blokset low-voltage complete switchgear


The main purpose

Blokset low-voltage switchgear is a kind of high-reliability low-voltage switchgear authorized to our company by Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. Our company is an authorized cooperative manufacturer in Shenyang. Blokset low-voltage power distribution cabinet provides a variety of cabinet types to meet the needs of different applications. It can realize functions such as power distribution, motor protection, power factor compensation, etc., and is applied to all low-voltage systems that require high reliability. It is widely used in metallurgy, papermaking, manufacturing, mining, shopping centers, hotels, water treatment, airports, ports and other places.


Main feature

1. Adopt modular structure, the switch cabinet adopts standardized components, rapid manufacturing and assembly, and easy modification.

2. It adopts reasonable functional design and flexible main bus bar. It can be single bus or double bus and can be placed on the top, middle and bottom of the cabinet.

3. No loss of IP rating in the experimental position and the extraction position.

4. Reasonable size and internal layout, reduce floor space, simple connection of main circuit and auxiliary circuit, easy installation, and effective control of upgrade cost.

5. The diversified cabinet type meets the requirements of power distribution, motor control and intelligent equipment for different applications.

6. Comply with standard GB7251.12, IEC60439, IEC60529, IEC60947.



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