Low-voltage complete set MD190 low-voltage complete switchgear

Low-voltage complete set MD190 low-voltage complete switchgear


Low-voltage complete set MD190 low-voltage complete switchgear


The main purpose

MD190 low-voltage switchgear is a conceptual design of ABB using modular low-voltage switchgear. The technology complies with BS5486-1, AS3439-1, EN60439-1, IEC60439 and other international standards and GB7251.12 Chinese national standards. MD190 is suitable for various power distribution and motor control projects. Such as: industrial power distribution facilities, offshore oil drilling platforms, industrial, commercial and residential high-rise buildings, central air conditioning systems, power plants and oil refineries, marine power distribution panels, etc. Our company is a production authorized cooperative factory in Shenyang.


Main feature

1. Using ABB's full range of low-voltage electrical components to form a complete and reliable low-voltage system;

2. The high-strength profile makes the switch cabinet structure stronger;

3. Complete plans, with drawer type and fixed partition type for optional assembly, which can keep the appearance consistent;

4. The frame depth, height, width, applicability and design scheme of the modularized frame are strong;

5. Compact arrangement, space saving and cost saving;

6. Free combination of unit components, strong versatility and flexible changes to meet project needs;

7. With different enclosure protection levels and internal isolation forms, users can make multiple choices as required;

8. The equipment is convenient and fast, without special complicated procedures.



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