High voltage complete MVnex switch cabinet

High voltage complete MVnex switch cabinet


cabinet needs switchgear


Product description:

MVnex medium voltage switchgear is a new generation, high-quality, and diversified metal armored switchgear authorized by Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. to our company. It is a power distribution device with superior performance carefully designed by Schneider, and it has a wealth of primary wiring. The solution can meet the needs of different users and industries. MVnex focuses on medium-voltage power distribution stations, involving power systems, infrastructure, building construction, petrochemicals, light industrial electronics, data centers, rail transit, ports and other fields.


Main feature:

1. Flexible configuration scheme, richer choice MVnex/ MVnex 550/MVnex 500/MVnex Smart

○ The parameters can reach 4000A, 40kA, which can meet the needs of the project, and the industry application is further expanded

○ 550mm cabinet width to meet the project needs of miniaturized middle-mounted handcart switch cabinet

○ 500mm cabinet width to meet the project needs of miniaturized fixed cabinet

○ Intelligent and digital switchgear to meet the project needs of intelligent and digital switch stations

2. Covering circuit breaker cabinets, contactor cabinets and other special cabinet types to meet the needs of different industries

3. Unique design concept, clever realization of five-prevention interlock, achieving higher electrical performance and safety standards

4. Unique lead screw drive earthing switch, powerful function set mechanism operation box

5. Built-in HVX solid-sealed pole vacuum circuit breaker, strong environmental adaptability, authoritative quality assurance

6. All cabinet types have passed the test according to the latest IEC standards:

● China National Standard GB3906 and Electric Power Industry Standard DL404

● IEC 60694 and GB11022: General technical requirements for high voltage switchgear

● IEC 60298 and GB3906: AC metal enclosed switchgear

● IEC 60056 and GB1984: high voltage AC circuit breaker

● IEC 60470 and GB/T14808: AC high-voltage contactor and contactor-based motor starter



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