High-voltage complete DFW high-voltage cable branch box

High-voltage complete DFW high-voltage cable branch box




The main purpose

DFW series high-voltage cable branch box is widely used for node connection of 10KV cable system. It is the main electrical equipment for the collection and tapping of cables after exiting the switch cabinet. The cable joints of the branch box are covered with high-grade insulating rubber, and there is no exposed live body; the switches of the branch box with switches are all SF6 insulated load switches.


DFW branch box is designed for outdoor maintenance-free operation, safe and reliable, its protection level is IP33~IP66, and the underground tap can withstand flooding. It is widely used in the distribution network of urban industrial districts, residential districts, commercial centers, mining areas, steel, automobile, petroleum, chemical, cement and other large enterprises and other occasions. It is especially suitable for urban power grid renovation projects, which can greatly save electrical equipment and cable investment. , Improve power supply reliability.


Main feature

1. Flexible incoming and outgoing lines, with up to 8 branches in and out in practical applications.

2. Anti-flood, anti-fouling, anti-condensation, anti-condensation and corrosion resistance.

3. Small size, compact structure, simple installation and convenient operation.

4. A live indicator can be installed to remind the operator that the line is live.

5. A cable-type fault indicator can be installed, which is convenient for quickly finding cable faults.

6. There are a variety of cabinet materials to choose from: ordinary steel with military green, mirror stainless steel, stainless steel with military green.



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