High-voltage complete set of GTY24 fully insulated and fully sealed inflatable ring network switchgear

High-voltage complete set of GTY24 fully insulated and fully sealed inflatable ring network switchgear


Fully insulated and sealed gas filled ring network switchgear


The main purpose

GTY24 series fully insulated and fully sealed gas-filled ring network switchgear is a new generation of SF6 gas insulated, common box type maintenance-free equipment. Applied in 10KV power distribution system, it can realize ring network power supply and radiation power supply. It can be used outdoors and indoors. It is small in size and compact in structure. It can greatly save the area. It is widely used in industrial areas, streets, Airports, residential areas and bustling commercial centers. The cabinet body combination is flexible, and the load switch circuit, fuse circuit (or circuit breaker circuit) and direct circuit can be freely combined. The incoming and outgoing circuit can reach up to 6 circuits, and the load switch operation can be directly upgraded from manual to electric or automatic.


Main feature

1. Modular design, each unit module can be combined and expanded arbitrarily without charging and discharging, which is convenient for scheme combination and high-pressure metering design, and has a wide range of applications.

2. The cabinet body adopts armored structure. There are metal partitions between the busbar room and the switch room, and between the switch room and the cable room. The protection level of the primary part of the fully insulated structure can reach IP67.

3. The load switch with three positions is welded in a sealed stainless steel shell filled with SF6 gas. It has good air tightness and low gas consumption. It can guarantee no gas leakage for 30 years and meets environmental protection requirements.

4. The operating mechanism is made of corrosion-resistant metal, and the bearings of the rotating parts are all self-lubricating. The product is not affected by the environment and avoids regular maintenance.

5. The expansion bus adopts pluggable silicone rubber connectors, which are fully insulated and shielded to ensure the reliability of conduction and are not affected by the surrounding environment.

6. The prefabricated silicon rubber insulated cable terminal is plugged in on the front, eliminating the shortcomings of inconvenient cable installation due to the small size and narrow space of the load switch cabinet.

7. In order to adapt to the automation of distribution network and improve the reliability of distribution, the new multi-circuit power distribution cabinet can be equipped with electric mechanism, TV and distribution network control terminal unit, etc., with three remote functions.

8. The miniaturized design of the cabinet body uses a three-station rotary load switch, which effectively reduces the number of parts and realizes the mechanical five-proof interlock.



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