YBM box-type substation

YBM box-type substation


box-type substation


The main purpose

YBM series high-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation (box substation for short) is a factory-prefabricated complete set of power distribution equipment that combines high-voltage power distribution equipment, transformers, and low-voltage power distribution equipment according to a certain wiring scheme. It is used for rated voltage 12 /0.4kV three-phase AC system, as a complete substation for receiving and distributing electric energy. It is suitable for places such as urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residential areas, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized factories, mines and oil fields, and temporary construction electricity.


Main feature

1. The box-substation high-voltage cabinet can choose air-insulated ring network cabinet, sulphur hexafluoride load switch ring network cabinet or fully insulated and fully enclosed gas-filled ring network cabinet, which can be arranged into ring network, terminal, dual power supply, etc. The design of the low-voltage part can meet the needs of users in various power supply schemes;

2. The high-voltage chamber of the box-type transformer has a compact and reasonable structure, and the "five prevention" interlock is safe and reliable;

3. The transformer room is equipped with tracks, and the transformer can be easily accessed from the doors on both sides of the transformer room;

4. Unique design of the top cover and enclosure, with anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof functions;

5. The box substation has compact structure, small size, light weight, strong complete set, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and strong mobility;

6. Comply with DL/T537, GB/T17467, IEC1330 standards.



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