YB-40.5/0.69 Wind Energy Box Substation

YB-40.5/0.69 Wind Energy Box Substation


Wind Energy Box Substation


The main purpose

As an important clean energy, wind power has become one of the pillars of my country's power supply. At present, onshore wind farms generally choose 0.75-1.5MW, 0.69kV, 50Hz wind turbines, and adopt a two-stage boost method. Each wind turbine is equipped with a 0.69/35kV box-type substation (hereinafter referred to as "box substation") to increase the wind turbine voltage from 0.69kV to 35kV; therefore, the great development of wind power generation has brought huge market demand for 35kV box-type transformers . The low-voltage side of the wind turbine and the box transformer adopts the unit wiring method, and the high-voltage side of the box transformer adopts the combined unit wiring method. After every 5-10 wind turbines form a combined unit, they are connected to the 110 or 220kV booster station of the wind farm through the 35kV transmission line. 35kV power distribution device. The 35kV side adopts a single busbar segmented connection method. After the power of the wind farm is boosted by the 110 or 220/35kV main transformer, it is connected to the power grid through the 110 or 220kV line.


Main feature

1. The product is divided into four parts: transformer room, arrester and inlet room, high voltage operation room and low voltage room;

2. The high-voltage side adopts terminal load switch plus fuse protection, and the fuse is an integrated protection fuse;

3. The load switch and the fuse are installed in the transformer room, and the insulating liquid of the transformer is used as the insulating medium and the heat dissipation medium, so the overall structure is compact and the heat dissipation performance is good;

4. The incoming and outgoing wires of the high-voltage side adopt high-voltage cable plugs or silicone rubber composite sleeves;

5. The low-voltage side outlet of conventional products adopts direct outlet, and the low-voltage scheme is customized according to user requirements;

6. The cabinet shell adopts a fully assembled structure, which has the characteristics of small size, maintenance-free, and easy installation;

7. High mechanical strength and good impact resistance;

8. Heat insulation, anti-radiation, anti-exposure;

9. Good moisture-proof and heat insulation performance, and will not cause condensation due to sudden temperature changes;



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