JL distribution box

JL distribution box


distribution box





The metering box is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, residential quarters, commerce, schools and other civil or non-professionals accessible places. It is used as electric energy metering for building electricity, dormitory electricity, public lighting and other places. It is safe and reliable.


The box body is formed by bending and welding of cold-rolled steel plates. The box door is connected with the box body with hinges. The components and watt-hour meters are installed on the second layer board. The electrical components have safety protection facilities, which can safely operate the electrical switches; metering box A transparent inspection window is installed on the door.


The metering box is divided into indoor wall-mounted type and outdoor waterproof type. Indoor wall-mounted type is divided into exposed wall-mounted type and concealed embedded type. The indoor wall-mounted type has a protection level of IP40, and the outdoor waterproof type has a protection level of IP54.


The metering box includes: single-phase metering box, three-phase metering box, electronic meter metering box, plug-in metering box, induction radio frequency metering box, plastic metering box, stainless steel metering box, metal metering box, etc.


Generally, there are 1-digit metering box, 2-digit meter metering box, 4-digit meter metering box, 6-digit meter metering box, 8-digit meter metering box, 10-digit meter metering box, 12-digit meter metering box, etc... According to user needs, select electrical components such as indicator lights, ammeters, voltmeters, lightning and surge protectors for design and assembly. Comply with GB7251.3 national standard.



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