Low-voltage complete set of MNS low-voltage complete switchgear

Low-voltage complete set of MNS low-voltage complete switchgear


Low-voltage complete set of MNS low-voltage complete switchgear


The main purpose

MNS low-voltage switchgear is a modular switchgear assembled by the factory with standard modules (hereinafter referred to as device). This device is suitable for power supply systems with AC 50-60Hz and rated working voltage of 660V and below. The device is divided into power distribution center (PC cabinet) and motor control center (MCC cabinet). The MCC cabinet has two structures for single-sided operation and double-sided operation. The drawers are divided into 8E/4, 8E/2, 8E, 16E , 24E five kinds, double-sided operation cabinet can be equipped with 72 drawers at most. It is suitable for the control of power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment. This device complies with the IEC60439 international standard and the GB7251.12 national standard;


Main feature

1. Compact design, accommodating more functional units in a smaller space;

2. The structure has strong versatility and flexible assembly. The C-shaped profile with 25mm as the module can meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and use environments;

3. Adopt standard module design, which can be respectively composed of standard units such as protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, measurement, and indication. Users can compose frame structure and drawer units of different schemes according to their needs;

4. A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used to effectively strengthen the protection and safety performance;

5. High technical performance, main parameters meet user requirements;

6. The site is compressed, with a high degree of three transformations, which can greatly compress the site for storing and transporting prefabricated parts;

7. Convenient assembly, no special complicated tools are needed.


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