High-voltage complete set of KYN28A-12 (GZS1) armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

High-voltage complete set of KYN28A-12 (GZS1) armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear


Armored removable AC metal enclosed switchgear


The main purpose

KYN28A-12 (GZS1) type armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear is a complete set of power distribution equipment for 3-10kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus and single bus section system. Mainly used in power plants, transmission and distribution of small and medium-sized generators, power distribution of industrial and mining enterprises and institutions, as well as power reception and transmission of secondary substations of the electrical industry system, and large-scale high-voltage motor starting, etc., for control, protection, and monitoring .


Main feature

1. Metal armor, assembled structure, wide combination scheme;

2. The cabinet body is made of imported aluminum-zinc plate (or ordinary cold-rolled steel plate), processed by CNC equipment, using advanced multi-folding technology, connected with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts, with high precision, corrosion resistance and weight Lightness, high strength, and strong versatility of parts;

3. It can be equipped with vacuum circuit breakers of various specifications such as ZN63A-12 (VS1-12) series and VD4 series, which has wide applicability and high reliability, and realizes year-round maintenance-free;

4. The handcart has three positions of work, test and disconnection, and each position has positioning and display devices, which is safe and reliable;

5. All kinds of handcarts change according to the modulus to ensure that handcarts of the same specification can be freely interchanged, and handcarts of different specifications are absolutely not allowed to enter;

6. The handcart is transported by a professional carrier, which is easy and flexible to operate;

7. The cable room can install up to 3-6 single-core cables;

8. Highly reliable interlocking device, which fully meets the requirements of "five preventions";

9. Each high-pressure compartment has a pressure relief channel to ensure personal safety;

10. The panel is equipped with an observation window to observe the working status of the original indoor;

11. Comply with GB3906 and IEC298 standards.



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